Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Favorites 2016

Another month gone means another favorites post! Y'all have heard my spiel on how I love these posts so I'm just going to get on with sharing my favorites instead of writing an in-depth intro!

EOS Lip Balm

I have always really loved how moisturizing EOS lips balms are, but one thing I don't like is how big their sphere lip balms are. I can never fit them in a small bag and they always seem to take up a lot more space than a generic lip balm. I also always seem to get the chapstick all over my face... I love these new regular shape lip balms they came out with. I bet these have been around for a while, but I just now got them at Target and just love them! It's easier to carry my favorite lip balm around now!

Lilly Pulitzer Jumbo Agenda

I imagine all of y'all were waiting for this agenda to pop up in a favorites post, and well now you are seeing it! I have a comparison post between two agendas with this agenda featured in it and I give you a very in-depth review of this planner.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

I have REALLY been loving this foundation recently! I am INSANELY oily so I can't say that this keeps me matte all day (longer than a normal foundation would, though), but I love how natural it looks. The coverage is medium, so if you have acne or hyperpigmentation you can add more than one layer to cover those spots or add some concealer. I don't mind that extra step of concealer and I find that the medium coverage still gives my skin a skin look instead of a foundation look. The shades aren't too forgiving because so many have yellow undertones, but the lightest shade works perfectly for my neutral to cool undertone.

French Vanilla Coffee

Junior year is already in full swing and we haven't been in school for a full month yet. I am already staying up a bit later than I would like, so waking up in the morning calls for a huge cup of coffee. I used to not love coffee and I used to prefer tea, but coffee is the only thing that keeps me awake during the days. I also can't go for the full black coffee taste like my mom does and this french vanilla flavor tastes amazing!


I finally made a Snapchat!!! My username is mylifeasalyso (someone already took mylifeasalyson so I had to compromise). You can see my daily doings on there so don't forget to follow along!!!



  1. Your picks are my picks-I like them all!
    Have a fab weekend,


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