Friday, September 23, 2016

How Every Basic White Girl Feels About Fall

Fall is the time when all the basic white girls crawl out of their caves and explode Instagram with their Starbucks fall cups, Bean Boots pictures, candle pictures, etc. Don't get me wrong I am as basic as the next person and love to make fun of myself for it. I love the cozy sweaters, the burning candles, and my favorite shoes during the colder months are definitely Bean Boots. To poke some fun and celebrate the new season I thought I would make a post like my Stages of Getting Over Your Olympics Addiction, but fall themed!

1.) When you walk past Bath and Body Works and you see that Leaves has come back out.

Because candles are essential in every fall Instagram post so you have to stock up on the most popular scent.

2.) Pumpkin. Pumpkin spice everything.

Because you can only make everything pumpkin spice for so long.

3.) Fall offically starts when Starbucks releases Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Because the date on the calendar is only a suggestion.

4.) And once Fall starts you'll be terrorized by all the Basic White girls.

Forget about Bloody Marry. Or spinning around in front of a mirror. These girls will be covering the sidewalk with their Starbucks, Ugg boots, and VS leggings.

5.) But secretly there's a bit of basic white girl in all of us during the fall...

And we'll all filter the crap out of beautiful fall trees and post it on Instagram. 


  1. LOLThis made me laugh-I pinned your image-ha ha so so so true-thanks for shedding light on the rather funny phenomenon

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for pinning it!

  2. This was too funny! I'm not going to lie I'm actually pretty sad I won't get to have a leaves candle this year since I'm living in a dorm, haha

    Ashley //

  3. This was hilarious! And totally spot on!!
    xo, Syd


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