Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Realizations of Being a Blogger

Before I became a blogger, about a year and a half ago, I always thought bloggers were so perfect. Bloggers always seem to have their lives in check with the most perfect outfit, hair, and makeup. They always have the best quality photos and a perfectly themed Instagram profile. But being in the business of blogging for a while I've come to realize some of those things are just ploys. When you see that perfect outfit shot, realize there were 200 other pictures deleted from their camera roll before they found the perfect one. 

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I have made a list of things all bloggers seem to do in their everyday life that isn't so glamorous so maybe we'll seem a bit more "human" to some of y'all, haha.

We word vomit.

Whenever I have a really good blog post idea I always just write and write and write, and to the point where I don't understand what I have written. I just try to write absolutely every word I think of about the topic down, and from there I just dissect what I have written. Us bloggers don't craft perfect blog posts in one go. A lot of the time my blog posts go through multiple drafts before I hit publish. 

Not everything we have is designer. 

Yes, you see that most fabulous Louis Vuitton Neverfull filled with the brightest of bright pink peonies, but what you don't see is the $10 Target wallet pushed to the bottom of the bag. You don't know that she had saved up her money for years and years to purchase that bag, or she frequently uses a purse from Target just as much as she uses that Neverfull. Not everyone is filled to the brim with money.

We don't always have blog posts in line to publish.

I couldn't be more proud of myself for having posted every weekday for my whole summer break. Coming up with original content can be so, so hard. We get into slumps a lot and pulling ourselves out can be so hard.  I always try to produce quality content for y'all so I'm sorry if a post is lacking more than another, just keep in mind we go through creative slumps and need post recommendations sometimes.

We are just as unprepared as the next person.

If you follow me on Twitter, you have experienced multiple in all caps tweets freaking out that I had scheduled the wrong blog post or don't have a post scheduled. No matter how many times I rave about living through my planner, there have been so many times I get cluttered and make a scheduling mistake. 

Our life isn't always put together.

Yes, that is a perfect Instagram flat lay photo, but what you don't know is that I cropped my underwear out of the photo because I left it on the floor and never bothered to pick it up. I have a boring background in my videos because I didn't bother making my bed. Yes, it looks like I checked everything off my to-do list for the week, but don't look at last week because I pretty much didn't get anything done. Yeah, I did an intense workout today, but I ate a ton of ice cream for dessert that night. Get what I'm laying down?

Do any of you bloggers agree with this post?


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  1. cute post Alyson. Keep it up!


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