Sunday, September 4, 2016

Weekly Update #12 2016

I'm so happy this week is over and that we are finally having another three day weekend. Let's just say I NEED this break! 

I hate to be the kid who complains about school because many, many people (and especially girls) don't get anywhere near the education I have received. I'm very thankful for the support of my family through some crazy study sessions and grueling classes. I'm also very thankful for some absolutely amazing teachers I have had... but sometimes having three tests in my three hardest classes almost back to back this week isn't fun. But they're over and I can now kick back and relax and enjoy this labor day weekend. 

By the way, I think I'm going to share Monday through Saturday for my weekly updates and try to post Saturday nights (I was bad about posting it on that schedule though because of the football game last night). I know some people like knowing blogger schedules so there you go, haha!

My brother came home to visit from college Friday afternoon. He came home for the first home college football game! This is my favorite time of year because football and baseball season overlap for two months. 

Anyways let's get on with what has been on my radar this week!

1.) Here's an ultimate list on healthy living! Such a good thing to read!

2.)  Because school has started I know a lot of people are starting their college application. Ashley shares her tips on her blog!

4.) I am in love with this H&M dress that is only $15 !

5.) Caroline from Citrus and Style shared her dorm closet organization and I love how she organized her closet!

6.) I have been obsessed with watching "How I did My Makeup in High School" videos on YouTube! It's nice to see fabulous beauty vloggers weren't always so put together.

7.) Did y'all see my Splurge vs Steal fashion post? I have some great deals on popular high end  fashion items!

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