Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Update #13 | 2016

Hey friends! How have y'all been? I can tell you right now I am thrilled out of my mind that it is the weekend. I am ready to sleeeeeep! This is the first full week, since the beginning of school, that I have worn my hair all natural. But wearing it natural means I have to loose some pretty precious sleep time to be able to dry my hair all the way and still be on time to school. I was just KILLING my hair with my straightener and have "locked it up" in my parents linen closet to prevent me from using it. I do want to use it for picture day on Monday so my hair looks more polished, but that is the only time for the rest of the month that I'll allow that (maybe, haha).

This week we spent celebrating my moms birthday! Her birthday was Monday (she turned 47... don't tell her I told y'all) and I think we shocked her a little bit on her presents. There was a little drama with ordering the Alex and Ani bracelet because we might have waited a little long to put in the order... luckily the weekend before, I was at the mall with my mom and we saw a little stand of the bracelets. My dad and I were so lucky that they had the one she wanted when we went to buy it! I also picked up some slip on tennis shoes she wanted, but we have to take those back because they didn't fit oops!

This is what I've been loving this week!

1.) I posted on my Instagram story about the cake I made for my moms birthday... which was my first cake ever made! All I can say is that it was a success! This is how I made the box cake taste like a bakery cake!

2.) Football season has officially started and I love Draper Jame's tailgating collection!

Have y'all done anything fun this week?

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