Monday, October 10, 2016

My Study Time Essentials

Happy Monday everyone! After a long weekend somewhat away from school (not really) I have gotten somewhat back into blogging! I'll explain my whole "slump" later.

Like I said, I somewhat didn't get away from school. I studied a lot over Fall Break and I thought I would compile a post on all my study essentials!

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I highlight everything! I mean if you look at my APUSH review book it's practically a coloring page. It's one thing to highlight everything and highlight everything with a "code". What I mean by this is that each color represents something. Yellow is basic important facts, pink is a term/name/date/event, and orange is the definition of that term. If I have room in my review book/ textbook I also like to summarize the page. Whether it's a timeline, mention a certain term in a sentence, etc. It's easier to flip through when I try to find something because it's in the summary, and I also study best when I write things down a couple of times.

Notebook paper

I also have an open piece of notebook paper next to me to write anything down. Whether it's a question, quick thesis, or anything else. Sometimes I'll write all over it and sometimes not write anything. I just like having something accessible to write on. 

Classical Music

This isn't always for everyone and sometimes I can't focus enough when I have any music on. I don't always like studying in absolute silence though, and usually I listen to something when there is nothing I really need to focus on too deeply. It keeps catchy lyrics out of your head to stay on task, but you're not in silence.

A laptop

I like to sometimes take notes in a word document, but I also make a study guide if I don't receive one before the test. You could also use your laptop to research key terms, etc. If you're easily distracted though I recommend writing anything you need to research on notebook paper and look it up during your break time.


  1. The graphic you used is so cute-love how you listen to classical music while studying! Impressive!


    1. Aww thanks! I read somewhere that classical music helps you to focus and sometimes improve your memory while studying, not my first music choice, but hey it seems to work!

  2. classical music SAVED meeee when I was studying it just put me in the zone. I tell everyone about that little trick and most people think I am nuts hahah

    Life is just Rosie

    1. Good to know that I'm not the only one!


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