Sunday, October 23, 2016

We Want it More

It has not been a secret on this blog that I love sports and most specifically baseball.

Cubs baseball.

To anybody who has been living under a rock all October (or should I say Cub-tober #bringingback'15season) the Cubs have been the most successful they have been in a loooooooong time. They've made it through October. They've made it through the National League Championship, and we're making it to the World Series.

My entire life I have heard about the Cubs. I have always known that the only MLB team there is to cheer for are the Cubs. I knew to love them even before I really began following baseball. I would always seen the Cubs and Sammy Sosa banners hung up in my brothers room whenever I would walk up the steps. I remember my parents would ALWAYS turn on a Cubs game whenever they were on TV when I was younger. I have not known baseball without the Cubs my entire life, even when they weren't their best.

Of course I really started following the Cubs because I saw Kris Bryant during the Home Run Derby last season and thought he was pretty attractive hot. I mean the same thing happened with my mom and Ryne Sandberg. I just started to watch the game because of Bryant, but truly fell in love with the sport.

As I am writing this I'm watching the Cubs, who have won the National League series, and are now heading to the World Series, on the couch in my family room. This post is going up late mostly because it's 12 o'clock and my adrenaline rush has gone down to 0 and I'm exhausted.

Cheers to the Cubs, cheers to a wonderful season, cheers to still not being able to soak in the fact that the Cubs are in the world series. And most of all, cheers to the fact that I can now shave my legs because this series is over and we're starting a new one. 

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