Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly Update #14 | 2016

Hey there friends! Long time no chat! Well, actually it's only been less than two days since I've actually posted something, but not something where I am sitting down and really writing about my day. Writing this right now has made me really realize how I have missed blogging. I haven't written in MONTHS (well more like a couple of weeks) and the break has been nice. I felt more guilt about not writing when I was gone than missing it. 

I do miss it, I do, but I have so much on my plate. Junior year really is the infamous stressful year. There is just SO MUCH work. I am exhausted when I am finally away from school and really don't want to use my brain to write. I'm just too tired.

I'm forcing myself to get out of my slump and write. I have always loved writing on this blog and I'm going to try harder to think of more post ideas, but it would also be so helpful if y'all send in some post requests or ideas.

Anyways, I am here to talk about my week. Not vent about how I seriously don't want to write. 

If y'all follow me on twitter, all October (or should I say Cub-tober) I've been non stop tweeting about the Cubs. Yes, we are SMOKING it this season! I am currently sitting in my family room watching game three of the world series and I still can't wrap my head around the fact that we have made it.

We. Have. Made. It. 

We haven't won yet, but we have made it.

This is actually my first weekend where I can literally do NOTHING. If you can't tell by my dramatic "NOTHING" I am thrilled out of my mind. I have some super easy Pre Calc problems to do and if I really feel like it I might read ahead in APUSH. Don't hold me to it though. 

I was thinking about making some plans this weekend with friends, but I honestly need these next two days to relax. I have been doing so, so much these past few months and I really just need to kick back this weekend. I will hopefully (HOPEFULLY) crank out some blog posts. Put together some new outfits for this blog, make some Instagram posts, and just get back into the groove of writing. 

How has your all's week been?

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