Monday, November 28, 2016

A Woodsy Themed Christmas

One thing I rarely ever talk about is interior design. I have given y'all a couple of posts about redoing my room, but in general I don't talk about it much. I LOVE interior design though! Don't ever ask me why I love it, I just do. I really thrive off of the place I'm put in so I always like to create the atmosphere I want myself. 

Growing up my mom has kept our Christmas decor very traditional. Lots of red and green and gold. We have a Christmas tree that displays our collection of ornaments. Our theme every year is the same and it's usually just very collectible. We have things passed down from my Grandparents, things given to my parents when they were children, and things all throughout my brother and my childhood. I like the look of everything because it's just amazing memories displayed around the house and it makes me happy.

I do really love themed Christmas's though, and I plan on doing more themes when I move out. When things flow and correlate I think they look so pretty. Also, the new decor every year is so refreshing. I thought I'd give y'all a series of various themed decors for this Christmas season! I'll be spreading the themes out over these next couple of weeks so stay tuned to see more!

Target has AMAZING decor this year and everything in this post comes from Target. No this isn't sponsored I just loved all of their decor!

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