Monday, November 7, 2016

Baseball Withdrawal

I didn't mention this in my weekly update post yesterday but my mom and I ended up going to a college football game Saturday. I'm not that big of a fan of college football, it's just not my thing. Football is entertaining to watch, but I just don't enjoy it as much as baseball. It could also be because I'm not too dedicated to a team because one of my states college football teams just kind of sucks. I will always be a fan because I grew up knowing to love them (mostly because my Grandparents and Great Aunt and Uncle were obsessed and die hard fans) but it's hard to fully love your team when they're not giving you the same love back.

The Cubs on the other hand gave it back. 

I know, I know, y'all are probably super annoyed with hearing about the World Series, but seriously the Cubs have finally won after 108 years.

108 years. 


How can you not celebrate. Even if you're not a baseball fan it's a big deal because it's history. I've grown up a fan because my parents have been life long fans, but I really started paying more attention and getting into baseball two seasons ago. Two seasons ago I went through a long withdrawal of missing baseball, but man has it hit me hard this season. 

I was in the clear for, meh, two days and it hit me hard Saturday night. I'm embarrassed to admit I am sitting here writing this post and my parents and I are watching the rerun of game five on MLB Network... yeah we're that far gone.

I wore this outfit a while back, but I'm finally sharing it with y'all today. I was debating on whether or not to wear it soon, but I saved it to share with y'all in case the Cubs won the World Series and well they did!

Baseball Cap | Pullover (same color on sale for 30% off here!) | Leggings | Shoes

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