Friday, November 4, 2016

Tips for Cretating a Gorgeous Blog (Part 2) LINK

Hey y'all! It's time for part two on how to create a gorgeous blog! 

Like I said in part one (go check it out for some good tips!) I have gone through many blog designs and have learned a lot from them. I thought I would share all my tips with y'all!

Keep page text in mind.

Make sure your page text is a font people can easily read (Times New Roman, Georgia, Arial, etc.) I always think, what font should I use to turn in an essay for any of my teachers? That's the font you should use for your blog.

Also, keep the size in mind. People are here to be able to read your blog and read it easily. Make sure the font is at least 12px and up!

Make sure it's an easy color to read. Dark grays and blacks are the best. Yes a hot pink text is fun to look at, but it is the biggest pain to read! Choose that bright color as a link instead.

Create a place for featured posts.

One thing that is super good for people to see on your blog is a featured post. I try to update mine in my sidebar about every couple of days so that I can promote a blog post I worked really hard on for a little longer than normal. 

Make sure you links open in a new tab.

You want people to stay on your blog as long as possible to read more posts, getting them off of your blog is the biggest mistake and a problem for the reader if they want to keep reading. When you make a link in blogger you can click the "open this link in a new window" box and that will make sure your blogs window stays open and adds a new tab for an outside link. 

Add an about me to your sidebar!

People want to know more about the person they're reading and this is a great way to give a run down on who you are. It just needs to be about four sentences quickly explaining some things you love and what your blog is about. You can get into the nitty-gritty on your about me page.

Make sure your bloggers can easily access where they can follow you.

Just like the search bar situation I HATE having trouble finding where to follow peoples blogs. Whether that's making a button to click on to send someone to Bloglovin' to follow you there or having an email subscription available. Make sure it's very accessible and clear in your sidebar, as well as a page in your navigation bar. 

Make it mobile responsive!!!

I am currently having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to develop the blog for being mobile, but this is very necessary. My mobile isn't very pretty, but it get gets you to my posts and they're easy to read. 

Keep your sidebar clear and quick.

I HAAAAAATE messy sidebars. HATE. My criteria for the side bar is having an about me widget, search bar, following links, social media buttons, schedule, and archive. That is the absolute basic. If you want, I say one to two ads are fine and maybe two or three extra fun things are fine. Make it clean concise and to the point. This is the quick area for people to learn about you, your blog, and a way to follow along.  

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