Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tips to Creating a Gorgeous Blog (PART 1)

If y'all have been following the blog for a while, you know that I have gone through MANY blog designs. I am currently head over heels in love with this design (that I created myself #i'mtootingmyownhorn) and thought I would share some things I have learned from past designs with y'all.

I've split this up into two posts because I have too much to say in one blog post. Check back Friday to see the second half!

Choose colors that aren't blinding.

One mistake I've made in the past is creating a design with the brightest pink, and brightest orange, and brightest green colors. My blog was blinding! Now, if you love those colors, and really think they express your personality, go for it. But the problem with that is a lot of people turn away because your blog is just too bright.

Make sure your blog doesn't scroll horizontally.

This annoys me and annoys a lot of other people. Make sure your blog fits proper dimensions! Yes, bigger is better (sometimes) but not when your blog is bigger than your page dimensions. The excess scrolling makes the reader loose their place and just gets annoying. 

Make your search bar visible.

I HATE when I go to a blog and can't find their search bar anywhere! Once I read a post I usually look for others. Whether it's more summer outfits, a bloggers everyday makeup, how a blogger does their hair, etc. I want to be able to find it. I like to keep my search bar at the very top of my page because people see it when they first arrive. If they want to search something after reading a post they know EXACTLY where to find it because that's one of the first things they see.

Have your schedule posted somewhere.

Some people don't automatically follow your blog because 1.) they can't find where to follow you or 2.) they're just not fond of following. If it's the number two option (and it usually is number two) then you NEED to post your schedule! I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 AM EST, but if I change up my schedule I'll mention it in my most recent blog post or have a banner somewhere on my sidebar. 

Think of it like a T.V. show. If you love a show, you'll want to know when it's on next. T.V. shows usually promote themselves in commercials so people will come back to watch. It's the exact same with blogging, you need to promote your schedule, and it's best to make a banner in you sidebar. 

Make sure to have a navigation bar!

Navigation bars are SOOOOO IMPORTANT! You HAVE to have one. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, but just somewhere where someone can access back to your home page, your about me page, a contact page, a page where they can access a way to follow you, and a place for your blog categories. It's the easiest way for readers to find things on your blog without going through the hassle of using a search bar. It also shares what your blog is about and who you are. 

Promote social media but limit it as well.

Yes, you do need to promote your social media so that people can follow you elsewhere if they like you, but you also need to limit it. Having links in the bottom of your posts, having an area dedicated on your sidebar, and have a widget at the bottom of your blog. It doesn't overwhelm readers, but it makes you very accessible. 

Have a contact page. 

My first year and a half I had absolutely no way for anybody to contact me. Email contact information is so important for readers to ask questions, other bloggers to contact you for possible collaborations, and brands to sponsor you. Getting contacted has always been a bit nerve-racking for me, but also so much fun to be able to have a conversation on a possible collab! Here is a way to prevent spam in your inbox.

Have a maximum or 3 to 5 colors.

5 colors is a bit to much, and not very consistent, but if you can make it work do it! I prefer 3 max and only really have two for my blog. Having a consistent color theme will make your blog look so much more clean and put together. As well as very pleasing to look at.

Come back for PART 2 FRIDAY

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