Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekly Update #15 | 2016

This has honestly been quite the week! I'm used to such BORING weeks filled with school work and homework, but there has been so much more pizzazz in it. This is going to be a looong post because I've had so much go on this week!

Starting with Monday/ Halloween!!! To be 110% honest Halloween has to be my absolute least favorite holiday. I liked it as a child with the aspect of dressing up and eating candy, but it was never that extravagant for me. I never went trick-or-treating, and that's not because my parents prevented it. We've never had many kids in my neighborhood so not very many people passed out candy. My brother and I always went to my Grandparents houses to take pictures and then we went to this super fun church trick-or-treat-esc party thing at our old church. I remember it being so much fun (and I won a gold fish every year) but it wasn't the normal child's trick or treating experience. As I got older, though I got sick of dressing up, we moved churches, I got older and just fell out of the swing of Halloween. Not only that, but I HATE scary things. Hate, so it's just not my holiday.

We got four trick-or-treaters this year which is like the highest amount we've ever had. They were all dressed up so adorably and so excited to see our candy bowl! I'm excited about all the candy we have left over though!

Tuesday was quite the day at school because of the Junior Dance. Every junior class with their Arts and Humanities class choreographs a dance to preform to the school sometime in November with their English class. We had a dance instructor come Tuesday to help teach dance to the English classes and man do I suck at dancing. I literally have no ability to move my body in the "dancerly" way. Thursday on the other hand we actually learned my classes dance and I seriously love it. We're doing Hit Me Baby One More Time, yes the song by Brittany Spears, and all the guys wanted to do this song. The "choreographers" for the dance really correlated the dance to the song and I love it. It's super easy for all of us who literally cannot dance, but it's fun.  I'm glad we aren't doing some skanky dance to a trap song, we actually chose a song most people wouldn't think of and we chose a dance that goes well with the song. Our "rehearsal" went so well and everyone had a blast! I just hope I don't go completely blank when I see the crowd.

Going back to Wednesday though, the Cubs have FINALLY won the World Series! Woooohooooo!!! I'm thrilled out of my mind and my sweatshirt is coming soon! I'm so happy that this team won, and I'll spare y'all from talking about it any more because y'all have probably heard enough.

Here are some of my favorite links this week!


  1. I totally agree about Old Navy's Winter Wear. Gotta Love Old Navy!
    So Happy the Cubs pulled it out!

    1. All of my new favorite pieces right now come from Old Navy!

  2. Old Navy always has the best pieces! Congrats to your Cubs on winning the world series!!


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