Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 Holiday Bucket List

Happy December! Happy winter! Happy Holidays! I'm really trying my hardest to get into the Holiday spirit and it's not coming that well for me. I imagine it's because of the weather, and the stress of finals. I'm just kind of too busy to think about Christmas at the moment. I'm hoping that by the time winter break starts I'll be in a full happy, red and green everything kind of mood.

Anyways, I love doing Bucket Lists that are themed for the season and what better than to do a Holiday Bucket List. Granted this technically isn't a season, but come on it'll be fun! I plan on ending this by December 31 and January 1st is when I'll update y'all on my winter bucket list.

I'm proud to say that I achieved everything on my Fall Bucket List! No joke this is the first time I  accomplished that! If you're like me and have trouble getting goals/ bucket lists done, I recommend writing a post it note in your agenda and keeping it in your week by week to keep reminding yourself of the goals.

Unlike my normal seasonal Bucket Lists, this one is short since it's only going to last a month, but I'll update y'all if I get everything done! It's not all Holiday centered, but oh well! Sometimes you just need that extra push of a lot of people seeing your goals to get you to get stuff done. 

ALSO (wow this post is full of also's), I've created my Holiday Gift Guide!!! AHHH go check it out by clicking the image in the sidebar of this blog!


  1. I remember the ole APUSh days! Good luck!!
    xo, Syd


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