Saturday, December 24, 2016

Surviving This Winter: 14 Things Every Girl Needs This Holiday Break

I have been soooo bored this Winter Break! Okay honestly not this past week because I've been meeting up with friends, exchanging gifts, and last minute shopping. My plate has been full, but whenever I have down time I am a little bored. I thought up some ideas  on what I and you could do in your spare time!

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#1 Meet up with friends.

#4 Have pamper nights. Soak in a tub, put on amazing smelling body butters, light some candles, and just chiiiillllll.

#5 Play with your puppy.

#6 Allow yourself to play that addicting game (Panda Pop, 1010, and Zigzag anybody?)

#7 Binge watch movies, preferably Star Wars right now cause you know Rouge One.

#8 Update your playlist with fun fresh music.

#9 Buy ALL the fuzzy socks.

#10 Try and pick up a new hobby or try DIYS on Pinterest that you've been meaning to do since 2015.

#11 Buy some cute new pajama's from Aerie.

#12 Stock up on all the Christmas candy!

#13 Start the New Year with fresh pens!

#14 Relax while doing Yoga.

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