Friday, December 30, 2016

Tips for Feeling Better and Looking Put Together When You're Under the Weather

About a week ago, my mother came home with the nastiest cold and I have sadly caught it! Bleeeeeh! Luckily my week isn't going to be too hectic and I can rest a little, but I still have friends to meet up with and appointments to go to. Whenever I am sick- and not contagious mind you- I will always make the effort to be productive, but the last thing I ever want to do is look presentable. I'll throw my hair into a bun and run out the door without even grooming my eyebrows. Doing that only makes me feel worse though.

Because I can't spend the next couple of days just laying around the house, I want to look a bit more presentable. I've done my research and tested out all of these things this past week so I don't have to do much when I feel, well, awful.

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!

First of all you HAVE to stay hydrated! Grab your water bottle and drink up! It'll help your skin look much more fresh and you'll feel ten million times better! I understand that drinking water constantly can be hard and I've made a post a looong time ago and here is one of my favorite posts on how to drink more water.

Dress as comfy as possible

I'm not saying  come to work, school, or meet up with friends in sweats because that's not the cutest outfit and looking presentable will make you feel more confident. I love wearing leggings and a chunky sweater with riding boots and camp socks when I'm not feeling my best. I feel like I'm wearing sweats but I look so much more presentable.

Eat some soup and drink some tea

Soup is such a light, but filling meal and there are so many health benefits in tea. My mom always makes me soup and gives me crackers when I'm not feeling my best!

Wear less makeup!

Nothing could be more awful than caking makeup on your face when you're not feeling good. Wearing less makeup can also help you to look more refreshed because you're not totally trying to hide the fact of how bad you feel. Below are some great products to have in your makeup kit when you need to put on makeup when you don't feel good.

B.B/ C.C Cream (Maybelline /// It Cosmetics)
Lip Balm (using tented will add more color to your face and make you look more awake)


  1. good tips! I feel like EVERYONE is sick now-ehw,

    Stay Healthy & Happy NY!


    1. Thank you! I know everyone just seems to be!

  2. I have just gotten over the bug and let me tell you, I felt horrible and you could tell by how I presented myself. It's just soo darn hard to make an effort when you're sick! This post is really helpful! x

    1. So happy your feeling better! It really can be hard to look presentable especially with the bug! I'm glad this post helped!


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