Sunday, January 1, 2017

Best Purchases of 2016

Happy New Years everyone! I hope y'all had a fun and safe New Years Eve! I spent my day watching football and eating a lot, haha. Most years my family doesn't do much, and a lot of the times New Years Eve and Day is just another day. I do like to take those days and reflect on my year though. I know, I know, chessy, but I really like looking back and remembering things throughout the year.

This year was both great and bleh for me. The great outweighing the bleh though. I know a lot of people look at the general scope of events that occurred in the news, and in that case 2016 was kind of a negative year. If I look at the events that occurred in my life- which I prefer to reflect on- it was a good year. I've made many new friends, went to my first MLB Cubs game, my brother graduated High School and we went to Disney World to celebrate. The Cubs also won the World Series (one of the amazing things that I had to include that wasn't apart of my personal life). I was able to get my anxiety under control so, so, much more! I've also started driving and had a blast doing that! I also survived my first semester as a junior in high school with decent grades and a little bit of sanity!

I have also reflected on a lot of my finds throughout the year. I have made a couple of posts throughout the year sharing my favorites from the month (January, March, June, July, August), but I wanted to combine everything I've kept loving all year and share it with y'all! 

Bean Boots

I got these last Christmas and fell in love with them! Whenever it's cold you can guarantee that my feet are snug and warm in these boots! Of course, these are a pretty trendy pair of boots and for a trendy pair of boots they are expensive. If you live in a warmer climate where it doesn't snow at all or only a couple of inches, spending $100 might not be the best. I still love wearing these in the rain, but if you're on the fence about them because it doesn't snow at all or much, I'd go for rain boots! If you live in a climate that gets a couple of inches of snow BUY THESE! They're AMAZING! I bought mine because I did like the trend, but I desperately needed snow boot and everyone told me to snag these! I am so, so happy to have bought these because they're so cute and sooo durable in torrential snow, haha. FYI I sized down and ordered Medium B because I have a normal width foot. Even sizing down I can still wear VERY thick and thin socks! Unless you have very narrow or wide feet, stick with Medium B. There are more descriptive sizing guides all over the internet so I'd recommend reading some of those. 

Micellar Water

One of my holy-grail skincare products! I have very oily and acne prone skin that is very sensitive and makeup remover wipes hardcore dried my skin out. Luckily Garnier brought out Micellar water that is so affordable and works so well!!! It's so gentle on the skin, it doesn't break me out, and it take off all my makeup easily.

Oil Blotting Sheets

If you're an oily skin girl then you understand the pain of keeping your face from looking like you could cook bacon on it if you lay in the sun. Oil blotting sheets save me from looking overly greasy throughout the day, I have tried many oil blotting sheet packs and the ones from Clean and Clear work so perfectly!

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Y'all, I am obsessed OBSESSED with this stuff!!! It works magic on my skin!!! I plan on making an in depth post about this product for the next year so keep your eyes peeled for it. If you want a good mask now though, buy this powder and mix it with equal parts organic apple cider vinegar (water for super sensitive skin!) in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon (can't use glass or ceramic for some reason) and just watch the magic take place on your face. It only takes doing it once a week for only a couple of weeks to see SUCH a difference in your skin!!!

Lengthening Mascara

Y'all probably know my love for mascara and I have tried so many drugstore ones! I can't stop using Illegal Lengths though!!! It volumizes and lengthens my lashes with a couple of coats (almost like fake lashes), but with like one or two coats, it can look super natural! It dries out my lashes just a TINY bit when on, but how my lashes look, I can't stop using it!

Patagonia Pullover

If you know me personally, then you know how much I love this pullover! I wear it every Friday, no joke. It doesn't block out the wind very well, but dang it keeps me so warm when I wear a coat over it and when I'm inside. I have noticed a size difference because I bought the cream one and had to size up, I then purchased a grey one and the small was way too long on me and seemed stretched out. I looked at other pullovers and they seemed a little more stretched out so I recommend keeping your normal size!


One of the best fashionable shoe purchases I have made are with these booties! I LOVE them! My feet get a little sore when I'm walking a TON, but they're so super cute and so affordable! 


I bought the smallest version of this perfume and I'm obsessed with it! It has also lasted such a long time! It's a very light and airy fresh scent that just smells so clean.

Do y'all have any favorites from this year?!


  1. I keep wanting to buy Bean Boots. I love the look and style! Sounds like you had a wonderful year!
    Happy 2017!

    1. Ahhh you need to get them!!!! Happy 2017!

  2. My favorite purchases from 2016 was a Kate Spade bag I had wanted for ever and found at T.J.Maxx & my pair of Navy blue booties which I wear almost daily!

    1. OMG that's so amazing that you found your Kate Spade bag at T.J. Maxx! I love going to T.J. Maxx every once and a while to see all the designer bags on sale. Have a warm winter!

  3. I love my Bean Boots, they are definitely one of my favorite purchases! I wear them through the fall, winter, and spring as both rain and snow boots. I especially love the quality of them, and the satisfaction of L.L. Bean products. My first pair of Bean Boots (~ 3 years old) ripped in a strange way, and L.L. Bean allowed me to exchange them for a brand new pair, no questions asked!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

    1. I wear them so much too! Mine is showing some wear and that's so reassuring that they'll replace them like that with no questions! Thanks for sharing!


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