Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Perfect Shoes for the Colder Months

I think we all have that friend or family member who is shoes obsessed! My brother LOVES shoes and will buy new pairs all the time. I mean I can't blame him for buying shoes because I buy one to many clothes (especially pullovers!). With shoes though I find a couple pairs and stick to them until they have holes in the bottom. I'm usually not too money savvy and will quickly spend my money (working on not doing that and saving!), but when it comes to shoes I'm like my dad and will wear them forever. My dad still owns pairs from when he was in college and he's faaaar out of college now (they're in amazing condition, btw).

Some of my favorite pairs that I've had for years are kind of falling apart and I've been searching for new ones. I've found so many cute ones that I wanted to share with y'all! With all these new trendy cute shoes for this season, my shoe rack in my closet might be getting filled up a little more!

Quilted Rain Boots

I've been needing a pair of rain boots for a while, but I can't get myself to buy a pair of Hunters just yet. These quilted black ones from Target are absolutely adorable and totally fashionable. For only $35, I think they're a great steal!

Velvet Booties

One of my friends at school is an extreme fashionista and takes a lot more fashion dares than me. She came to school one day with these shoes on and I died because they're so pretty! She was wearing a simple tunic sweater and leggings but these boots provided a pop of color and some "snazziness" to her outfit. I REALLY want to get a pair!

Lace Up Flats

I've been seeing these all over the place and can't get enough of them! They're so interesting and chic and really spice up any plain outfit. I also love that these are fairly inexpensive!

Snow Boots

We all know that L.L. Bean Boots are super, super popular and I highly recommend splurging because they're such great quality. I know some people don't use them out of necessity though, and they wear them for the trend so going for a more inexpensive pair is more preferable. I love these from American Eagle because they look pretty similar. I also love that they have a little flare of fur on top!


I received these moccasins for Christmas because I've been wearing mine from Target and finally decided to go for the better, long lasting quality of the Ugg moccasins. They're absolutely perfect to wear around the house, but I also like to wear mine out with cute comfy outfits.

Fabric Riding Boots

You usually see riding boots in a classic black or brown color, but I love the touch of fabric in these! They add a new flare to an outfit and look like they could be dressed up or down.

Fringe Booties

I have a pair of booties and absolutely love them! With fringe being so trendy I love the added touch to a pair of booties!


  1. OMG I've fallen in love with the blue velvet boots but I daresay I would be terrified to wear them in case they get ruined, it rains 98% of the time where I live! x

    1. It rains here a lot too and I'd be scared they'd get ruined too! They're just so chic, and I love how my friend styled them! Have a warm winter!

  2. Love the quilted ridding/rain boots-super cute-stay warm and dry!


  3. Fringe booties! I just got a pair during the fall and have been wearing them non stop. I also love the idea of lace up flats in the winter!


    1. I LOVE fringe booties and the trend of lace up flats too!


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