Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Favorites | 2017

A new year, a new round of monthly favorites! There is honestly nothing more that I love than sharing monthly favorites. Whenever I find a new product that I absolutely love, I cannot stop talking about it. I just talk and talk my friends ears off about all my new favorite products. That's probably why I have a blog, because y'all like to hear about my favorites when I have the desire to share them!

I hope y'all had a good January! Mine was a bit topsy turvy. It was good and bad all combined into one month. School has gone back to being stressful and the regular high school drama has flooded the halls I spend every waking day in, but aside from that it's been good. It's been ULTRA rainy though. One thing I really hate about January where I live is the weeks are just filled with rain. We had what seemed like two solid weeks without any sunlight and for someone who loves sunny days it was hard not to be a bit gloomy. I've always thrived off of sunny days and January is usually just a bit tough to power through. There were afternoons this week where the sun broke through the clouds and I'm not kidding you, I was a little appalled seeing a bright yellow light in the sky.

As of being MIA for what seems like this entire month, I'll cover it in my Currently post coming Friday.

L.L. Bean Pullover

Y'all know how much I love my Patagonia pullover, but I may have found a pullover I love more. *GASP* -I know right, that was my reaction when I started to wear it a lot- but honestly this L.L. Bean pullover surpasses the Patagonia Retool Pullover. As great and cozy as my Patagonia is, the L.L. Bean blocks out more wind and cold, looks nicer, and is a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER! I highly recommend going for the L.L. Bean pullover if your searching for a new one this winter.

Zella Leggings

It's been quite the process trying to find a new pair of leggings that I truly love. For the longest time I wore my Nike ones and they have completely torn on me. I hadn't worn them too often and a giant hole developed in the butt. My mom needed new leggings and she asked for them for Christmas, all the reviews on the Zella leggings were fantastic so I ordered a pair for my mom, felt them, and knew they were going to be amazing. I ended up buying a pair for myself and haven't been able to take them off! They're not transparent and they really squeeze everything in. They're pricer than what you'd find at Target, but totally worth it!

Neutrogena Ultra Gentel Cleanser

My skin has been quite the struggle over the years and my old cleanser that I loved started to become to abbrassive on my skin. I decided to try this Neutrogena one and have fallen in love. It's ultra gentle, but really cleanses my acne prone oily skin. I also found that because my old cleanser was a bit too strong it made me break out more than I should and this cleanser has helped that!

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge

I've always used makeup sponges to apply my face makeup, but I always bought the really cheap disposable ones from Walmart. My makeup wasn't applying as evenly or quickly as it should. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a reusable (my inner germaphobe was cringing about how many germs could collect in it) and got the Real Techniques one and have fallen in love. It spreads my makeup in one even layer, and so quickly because the surface area is so big.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Mitt

I wash my mom and my makeup brushes every weekend (germaphobe I know) and I hate when my fingers get pruney while washing them. Just ugh that feeling is awful. I asked for a cleaning mitt for Christmas and I have loved how this cleans our brushes. It cleans them better than my hands ever did and prevent my hands from being pruney. 


  1. I use that is certainly amazing!

  2. The Neutrogena Ultra Gentel Cleaner is my favorite too! My skin oily and sensitive especially when exposed in the sun so when I used this product it was like a perfect match.


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