Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Fall Recipies I Want to Try

I've gotten so into baking in these past couple of months I'm surprised my family and I don't weigh 2000 pounds because of everything I've made! It's become a very therapeutic activity for me. When I'm mad I just whisk the crap out of whatever I'm making (being a lil over dramatic tbh), or when I need a little pick me up, I bake one of my favorite chocolate cakes. 

Even though it's been so warm for weeks, I still am really pushing everything fall right now. I mean my mom and I bought pumpkins and mums this past weekend so I mean that means fall is officially here right? Even though I can't pull out my light sweaters and vests just yet, I'm still going to take fall full force and ignore the temperature displayed on the weather channel, haha.

If you want to see all my recipes I want to try this fall check out my Pinterest board here!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weekly Update #4 | 2017

Well hi there! Another week and that means another weekly update post! I absolutely love writing these things (so much so that I'm starting this on Monday). Quick question though, how do y'all feel about my new blog design. I mean the overall layout isn't too different, other than the fact that I removed the pictures below my header, but do y'all like the navy and blush theme? I absolutely loved my pink and orange theme because it really was me, but I also thought it gave a bit more of an immature look to My Life as Alyson. I also love other bloggers navy themed blogs and I knew I wanted to try and create my own.

This was quiet the eventful week so lets get to chattin'!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dream Destinations

My family and I have traveled to the same two beaches my whole life. Every spring and fall break we're packed up in our SUV either heading to Hilton Head or straight down I-75 to Florida. I love those trips, and we have amazing memories at those beaches. My brother and I have grown up going there, and I at least would love to bring my children to the beaches we always visited.

I do love those vacations, but I really love the idea of exploring new places. My family and I plan on going to Chicago one summer, and a couple summers ago we visited D.C. I'd love to go to so many other places though, and I've compiled a small list of places I want to go below!