Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dream Destinations

My family and I have traveled to the same two beaches my whole life. Every spring and fall break we're packed up in our SUV either heading to Hilton Head or straight down I-75 to Florida. I love those trips, and we have amazing memories at those beaches. My brother and I have grown up going there, and I at least would love to bring my children to the beaches we always visited.

I do love those vacations, but I really love the idea of exploring new places. My family and I plan on going to Chicago one summer, and a couple summers ago we visited D.C. I'd love to go to so many other places though, and I've compiled a small list of places I want to go below!

Monday, October 9, 2017

My Essentials for Fall

Fall honestly has to be my absolute favorite season. The weather is crisp enough to throw on sweaters, jackets, and vests without freezing your toes off. The holidays that come with this season are right up my alley (minus Halloween, even though I'm excited for it this year for some reason). Also, the sports are an actual dream for me. Football and baseball overlapping for a month, um yes please! 

My admiration for fall mostly comes in my wardrobe. A vest, long sleeve top, jeans, and riding boots literally speaks to my soul. It could not be more me, I'm not kidding! I've recently switched my closet over to all my fall clothes, and for a whole week weather in Kentucky has been in the 80's and 90's and I couldn't wear anything in my closet, but this week we're in the 70's! There is no doubt that I was walking into school in my riding boots and sweaters (even if I looked like I dressed too warm for the temperature outside, it's the thought of the season that counts). 

Anyways, below are all the pieces in my wardrobe that I deem as essentials for fall.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Weekly Update #3 | 2017

Hello, hello, hello! To all my loyal readers out there, are you a little shocked to see that I'm finally posting again! I don't really want to get into why I've been away for so long, other than the fact that there's been so much drama that's preoccupied my mind, and it ended up pushing me away from blogging months ago. If you still follow me on Twitter- even though I've made it personal months ago- you might know that 2017 has absolutely not been in my favor. I've gone through somewhat of a rough patch, and haven't been in my best mindset for a while. It's been nothing too serious, I'm just discontent with high school mostly. I'm starting to see who my true friends are and who aren't, and a boy I fell for last year (I don't think he ever found out tbh) kind of turned his back on me and pretends to forget how close we were last year and treats me now as a distant friend. For a while I kept thinking "oh nothings going to resolve itself until I have that diploma in my hand in May." But I've had a realization about life though and that's that I choose to look at the dark side of life and I need to get back to the things that made me happy. One thing that made me most happy was writing on this blog, and I'm really hoping I'll be able to get back into it! I'll see how I feel about it in the next coupe weeks/ months, but I still can't promise that I'm going to be on any kind of schedule or even 100% back!

Anyways, let's get on to what's happened this week.